Asian Vertical Forest Has More Than 3,000 Plants

In Nanjing, China, there are two buildings called the Nanjing Towers which are basically two vertical forests that are producing as much as 132 pounds of oxygen each day. The towers are not fully completed yet as they’re expected to be finished in 2018. Once completed, they will be the first vertical forests to ever exist in Asia.

Stefano Boeri is the Italian architect who designed these vertical forests. One tower will be 354 feet high and the other will be 656 feet high. Together, these vertical forest towers will be comprised of 2,500 shrubs and 1,000 trees made up of 23 varying local species of plants. These won’t just be towers that house trees and shrubs, though. The tallest tower is going to have offices, a green architecture school, a rooftop club, and a museum. The smaller tower is going to have a rooftop swimming pool and serve as a hotel with 247 rooms. Those who get rooms with a balcony will give visitors the chance to view the forests that exist right outside their window, no matter how high up they are!

 These towers in Nanjing, China will contain vertical forests that will house 2,500 shrubs and over 1,000 trees

The 23 different tree varieties will produce around 132 pounds (60kg) of oxygen every day

They were designed by Italian architect Stefano Boeri and they will be completed in 2018

Similar buildings have also been planned by the architect for Lausanne, Switzerland


And two vertical forests, called Bosco Verticale, have already been built in Milan, Italy

By: TheMindCircle