Why are so many people prefer Scandinavian style?

You have a lot of styles to choose to decorate your house, why now many people love the scandinavian style?
Less than 70 flat space, the designer cleverly decorated out of the beautiful and comfortable feeling, which is probably the scandinavian style, the essence of the existence of charm. Scandinavian atmosphere is probably simple and not simple, the designer in the room by adding a light color and wood elements, very IKEA.

Fabric sofa, small pendant (Shadow), scandinavian representative of the soft, simple, natural decoration without any offensive. Double curtains, both hazy and shading.
 From the layout, the living room, the kitchen and the restaurant are closely connected. And wood furniture everywhere, but also with a little fresh color, such as clever use of color E27  pendant light, the whole space is no longer a narrow feeling.

 The highlight of the kitchen is the color of the wall and the ground tiles, the sense of distinction is obvious.

Small area of space, balcony was skillfully used, this private little study room for study and work. The light is excellent because it depends on the design of the windows, and the light of an E27 pendant  is enough at night.

The bedroom has its own independent space, the general room walls will have large blank, usually a simple decorative painting embellishment, making the space look neat but not monotonous.

Written by Sarah Ling