125 square meters of interior project inspiration!

Designers consider the modern minimalist leisure space as the main idea of the overall space layout, interior details for the decoration of the part without extravagant tactics to ensure a modern atmosphere but without lack of room warm and stable.


Living room furniture in solid wood walnut-based. The floors are the same color as the walls, and the ceiling is "Agnes " from Lindsey Adams Adelman .


The restaurant's furniture is beige, which corresponds to the sofa. The marble dining table with four beige chairs looks solid.


Bathroom space utilization is clever. Bathrooms are separated from the bedroom by transparent glass walls. 

Study Room

Study room is a quiet and solemn place, indoor furniture is particularly important choice. The walls and curtains look very coordinated. Desk is the choice of solid wood walnut, single-legged floor lamp  accompany reading time.



The warm atmosphere in the bedroom is determined by the lighting in the room. In the choice of lamps on both sides of the bed are warm color lamps, the ceiling is Modo series . The wall is undoubtedly made of non-woven fabric.

Written by Sarah Ling