Low-key Interior Project

The open design of each area of the design project opens up a broader perspective of space. The healthy living space is the modern pursuit of people, making people feel more free, safe, comfortable, stylish and full of texture. Living room north of the lack of sunlight space, designers use a large area of bright material to increase the permeability of space, dark material is to increase the sense of hierarchy.


TV background wall embedded sliding door and the background wall blend, space using a lot of light. Arne Jacobsen 's furniture design is more famous.

Embedded sliding door made the whole background to do a body block segmentation, increase the sense of space level.

From the bar's perspective to the living room. Modo series and Tripode G5 floor lamp to give the essence of interior decoration.

Living room space from the simple cloth sofa, transparent glass coffee table and carpet, a leather single chair composition.


As a supplement to the living space, the bar plays a role of relaxation.

Bar lighting is a combination of Shadow series, the background of the wall to rely on two stylish sliding door.


Two way wall lamp lit up bedside background.

Simple and lively children's room.

Written by Sarah Ling