Three Rooms 85 Square Meters Simple Inspiration

You need to have a space to live comfortably.


Wood colored veneer to catch a simple white plaster ceiling, the space appears elegant and tranquil. The three different shapes of black and white chandeliers at the table create an interesting feature when lit. In addition, Twiggy Arc fishing rod light design to the living room adds a little fashion items.

Study room

Study room is used to work, leisure place. Minimalist wooden bookcase desk, home desk lamp lit computer desktop, blue single sofa announced in his spare time a little more casual and comfortable.


Bright bedroom with white plaster chandeliers and double yellow stripes wallpaper. 

Secondary bedroom than the master bedroom a lot less decorations. A desk, a bed, a chair, a wardrobe, yellow-gray wall paint, the overall simplicity and not simple.

Written by Sarah Ling