Anime Elements Blend Into Interior Design

This intimate little family blends furniture with various elements. It includes American country-style chairs and some fabric sofas, and then subtly blends into industrial-style shelves or wrought-iron beds, and of course some furniture that seems to be Mediterranean-style... The fusion of multiple elements emphasizes their personality, it looks It is more casual.

The restaurant is decorated with the most primitive wildness. It looks like a country-like tranquility, but it does not lack the sleek simplicity of modern people. The colours here combine clear lines with elegant finishes, including vintage wooden dining tables and lockers, as well as chandeliers for wrought-iron materials, which best express the rustic feel.

The study has simplified lines, rough volume and natural materials that seem more subtle and conservative. But it is designed with comfort in mind, and each piece is unpretentious.

The bedroom unifies the color of the wall, emphasizing the space effect. The use of wall decoration paintings gives an artistic touch. The wooden bookshelf is used as a storage, and the narrow space is effectively utilized. In these bedrooms, whether it's a bedside large floor lamp or a compact glass bulb bottle, they all emphasize different fashion styles.

Written by Sarah Ling