The Estiluz Balloon Flushmount, deisgned by Crouscalogero. PL267

Francesc Crous and Alessandro Calogero qualified in industrial design at the EINA School in Barcelona and Milan Polytechnic, respectively. They worked with a number of internationally renowned designers until their professional paths crossed at the Roca Innovation Lab in 2006. In 2009 they formed the CrousCalogero design study, with headquarters in Barcelona, where they now develop their own ideas and conceptual solutions around the product design. The result of their work is a competitive, optimistic product, which provides solutions based on differentiation and creativity as strategic values. They are currently collaborating with different international companies, doing work that has been shown at different exhibitions in Barcelona, Valencia, Venice, Paris, Milan, Frankfurt, Hong Kong...

The Balloon Lamp is very ingenious and very simple, just like the real balloon. The lamp hides the fluorescent bulbs. It features a shade made of satinized polyethylene that hides everything that’s inside and also creates a nice matte look. The lamp also has a wall version. It features fine red cable and hangs from the shade and that also serves as a switch. The idea was clever and the final product is really ingenious and good-looking.

Balloons are one of the most simple and fun items ever invented. They are very simple but they are also fun to play with and they also make beautiful decorations. We use them at birthday parties, weddings, as a get well gift for a sick friend and we see them at carnivals. So why not include them in out everyday life as well? Well, when I’m saying that I’m not referring to real balloons but only to the shape.  It would look beautiful in a modern living room or even in the bedroom.