These Incredible Tree Houses Are So Cool

 One architecture firm makes sky-high structures that are just too cool for kids.

We´re pretty sure that at any given moment each one of us, has dreamt of owning a treehouse, an object that makes us dream of freedom, nature contact and a reminiscence of childhood carefree life. With that in mind, masters of treehouse architecture - Baumraum, have designed and developed their spectacular version of it, beautifully finished and with durability and nature integration in mind, they´ve come up with several models to best fit their customers wishes and needs. Made from high grade steel and the finest timbers, with architectural and landscaping experts on their team, the result is really extraordinary. A magnificent spot to unwind from everyday stress.

Get more inspiration from innovative examples of contemporary treehouses in the new book "Treehouses”

 [ From: Bless This Stuff ]