Industrial style combined with Scandinavian style, what do you think?

   Full of the atmosphere of the times, we are longing for freedom. Arbitrary style of life, on the one hand is retro, nostalgic industrial style design, on the other hand is warm, simple Nordic style ... when the two together?


   The living room is the soul of a house. Modern industrial style, showing the master's calm personality. Modo became the most personalized decorative example in the living room!


   The restaurant is decorated in dark tones and features a warm chandelier . The light makes food look more appetite ...

   Kitchen and restaurant are not cut off.


   I prefer this balcony! Retro wall and dark wood flooring, swing wicker chair is obviously a lot of girls prefer the reason! ~


   There is not much room in the bedroom. The flower ceiling lamp  is the highlight of this bedroom.

   Do not use too many accessories. Simple design is the aesthetic of modern people.

   The room will not feel messy. The balcony of the bedroom can store fragmented items.

   Jielde Lamps are a tribute to industrial design at its best.

Written by Sarah Ling