Wood inspired! Live in nature?

   Warm and natural interior, the designer selected the wood tones.


   Natural wood texture and fresh wood aroma, comfort and relaxation to accompany you every day.

   The whole with soft and warm colors as the main style. The walls and floors are made of wood, and the Foscarini Caboche table lamp  brings a luxurious visual texture.

   Does the invisible cabinet door bring you inspiration?

   From the TV wall to see the whole living room.

   Spacious space without the use of chandeliers, energy-saving LED light source is different from the modern ceiling lamp.


   This is probably the only chandelier in the whole space. The same series of Caboche Suspension  restaurant chandeliers give you a unique dinner atmosphere.


   Master bedroom space. The designer used iron wire to decorate the abstract paintings of the background wall.

   Adjustable wall lamps  are located on both sides of the bed for night reading.

Written by Sarah Ling