This 110 square meters of space to meet the functional and spatial distribution. Natural and comfortable Scandinavian style remember to follow two simple principles of space planning and color matching.


Black, white and gray are eternal, simple, straightforward and tend to be more functional. Soft fabric sofa partner striped rugs, cortical single sofa seems to be more temperament. Grasshopper floor lamp hidden in the middle.

You can imagine yourself in a small apartment in the streets of Denmark. Elegant colors combined with simple furniture, white antlers lamp complex flashy design, the light brings you peace.

Tea table lines concise, just like life should give up some unnecessary things.


Dinner atmosphere must be a relaxing experience. The minimalist chandelier looks understated, wooden dining table and white dining chair.

Study Room

The entire wall of the storage cabinet can achieve a powerful storage function. The Flos IC T1 High table lamp is simple and stylish here.


Master bedroom followed the overall tone, through different fabric materials to build the level of space.

White gauze curtains can not stop the outside world, emphasizing life need sunshine and freedom. Iron ceiling lamp arm seems to extend to every corner.

Written by Sarah Ling