Is this IKEA style you want?

IKEA style is simple, fresh and natural. This three-bedroom, 108-square-meter space preserves the most original practicality and simplicity of the IKEA style by adding elements that are not found in the original minimalist style, such as adding amenities to the entire home to make the space more vibrant .

Living room
In spring, the floor-to-ceiling windows are green. Living room with a wooden floor with large floor-to-ceiling windows, indoor rotating arm wall light  is gentle. Fabric sofas chose light colors.


Restaurant chandeliers  as the focus of the eating area, looks very modern. The wooden dining table is coordinated with the wooden floor, and the sun outside shines on the floor through the floor-to-ceiling windows next to the dining table.


Kitchen open cabinets separate the dining room from the kitchen. Indoor color seems only white, black, wood color.


Children's room is their private area. A variety of children's toys allow them to play their hobbies.

Written by Sarah Ling