Grey Industrial Inspired Interior

Gray runs through the whole house, and the art of ink painting style is integrated into the space, and the cool color of the hard-to-wear is matched with rich and colorful furniture. They coordinate with each other to achieve the state of fusion.


The warm-colored furniture coexists in harmony with the chilly industrial-style gray-blue tone.

Yellow lights up space here. The floor chooses yellow and blue striped carpets, while the yellow sofa attracts the eyeballs. The MODO chandeliers representing industrial iron can be bought here.

Here, iron ornaments are everywhere. It is clear that the lamps occupy most of the wrought iron decorations.

The background uses colored bricks, but the simple process makes the background look no longer annoying.


Between the living room and the dining room is separated by a bar table and a hanging shelf. The space is immediately unified but independent.

Ceramic pendants on the wall of the restaurant appear vivid and lively.

Study room

The simple structure of the study room satisfies the needs of the office, and a large area of bookcase design allows a variety of books to be set up.

The bold use of green makes space unique.


The style of the bedroom follows the tone of the living room, and each room can maintain unity.

A large area of the floor wall makes the background look quiet, with industrial style chandeliers on both sides of the bed.

Children's room

Simple children's room, interesting is the design of two chandelier. Colorful balloon light you can buy here.

Written by Sarah Ling