Is this the kind of European simple style you want?


The living room space uses beige as the main color, with brown and black as secondary colors. The floor is a well-textured tile, dark carpet adds a sense of depth, and a white soft sofa, shading white walls and a white ceiling. The decorative painting adds a landscape to the monotonous walls. Minimalism does not have a simple feeling, leaving only warmth and elegance.

The bubble pendant light in the living room broke the chandelier design of the past. The frame of the TV cabinet is decorated with monotonous walls.


Designers also use pure white cabinets and light gray textured wall tiles to decorate the restaurant. The never faded dried flowers on the table are full of life. The dining table is simply structured with light marble and dark leather benches.

Study room

The study room is still elegant white atmosphere and plant placement, and there is a reading atmosphere immediately under the warm light of the table lamp.


Beige shading wallpaper, exquisite decorative paintings and unique industrial bedside lamps, bedroom ceiling is still Lindsey Adelman's bubble chandeliers design.

Written by Sarah Ling