90 Square Meter Home Design Inspiration

Light plays a crucial role in interior design. The 90 square meter two-chamber space uses white as the primary color due to lack of daylight, white as the base color has a good degree of reflection, and then adds part of the mirror to increase the light's refraction. The space full of light and shadow extends the space visually. 


The marbled floor in the drawing room corresponds to the array stripe pattern of the TV background wall,this design is another unique style. The TV sets a very admired American folk art piece - The Vitra Eames House Bird. In addition, the presence of the Giant 1227 Floor Lamp reflects the unique style of the interior.


Designers use modern minimalist lines, pure white with black and green as a decorative space, large dandelions background bloom in the restaurant, the restaurant is full of strong fashion art. 


The verdant greenery on the balcony enhances the owner's taste and artistic accomplishment, and a large piece of dandelion computer spray painting embodies the fine details of space.


Once again, we see dandelions in this bedroom, which visually and perfectly defines the mobility of space. The owners seem to have a passion for dandelion.

Written by Sarah Ling