A Minimalist Wooden Tranquil Life

This cozy apartments may be small, but they emanate big style with their elegant finishes and multipurpose layouts. Many people like to expand some smaller spaces, they like simple and refreshing designs, they like wooden style, they are bold and wonderful. Each space is full of harmony, and the combination of cool and warm colors helps demonstrate its outstanding design. Each functional area is clearly planned and uses a lot of solid wood to create a warm atmosphere.


This cosy apartment is prepared for the marriage of a young couple. This angle is from the direction of the living room to the dining room and kitchen. Designers have adopted an open structure, and the open space has increased the interaction with family members or guests in the future.

The modern vibe of this open-concept design has us in awe. They turned the lounge on the left side of the living room into a study, and on the left side of the sofa, a bar was used as a desk (the separation point of two spaces). Five solid wood boards were nailed to the wall to make a simple storage rack.

Front view of a living room. Different from the traditional sofa, the sofa here is made of solid wood planks with a sofa bottom, on which a white sofa cushion is placed. Yes, it's wonderful.


The kitchen design means that the home is not suitable for processing large amounts of soot. The restaurant has two unique bowl chandelier - Concert P3, it looks warm and interesting with a minimalist solid wood dining table. They made a resting place by the window, it had no extra decoration, the original color of the wood was very good.


The kitchen bar meets all needs here.


The shower and wash areas are separated by glass. The shower area protected their privacy and the wash area and balcony were also separated by clear glass.

Study room

The living room made an L-shaped white sofa against the wall, ignoring the black carpet in front of the coffee table. The wonderful thing is that there is only one steel pipe that holds the TV. This design is wonderful.


From contemporary living room to cozy bedroom. On the solid wood panel in the bedroom, a comfortable mattress was placed and an L-shaped locker was made around the same wood. This is an enviable warm bedroom.

The first thing we noticed in the second timber bedroom was the Modo series style black smoke glass table lamp. Second, the empty space behind the bedplate became a cloakroom, and Nordic style hangers were simple.

A small corner of the bedroom houses a solid wooden desk, and the quiet corner is suitable for evening thinking and work.

Written by Sarah Ling