Chinese Home Design That Don’t Need Bold Colors

In fact, the fashionable grey decoration scheme is not as simple or easy as some people think. Simple style and clean gray wall tone, different texture furniture and jumping colors form a multi-level space. Of course, if you also like to embrace plants and natural warmth at home, let us dig into the fun of furniture, accessories, bold accents and different aesthetics.


Do not have cold heart. A grey living room seems to be an obvious starting point and is an open kitchen restaurant. Because this is the heart of the family, choose warm accessories so that this welcoming area doesn't feel too cold or use lighting to project a warm glow.

Indoor plants bring in a breath of fresh greenery, like this natural beauty flourishing in a unique plant stand.

Even though the floor color looks bright, it increases the light throughout the space. But a group of Lindsey Adelman's bubble lights, natural curved white floor lamps and the unique S71 white table lamp remain the stunning central focus.


The familiar Chinese style restaurant design occupies a corner of the space. The pale grey offers warm dining hours.


Everything is focused on decoration. Please don't underestimate the color scheme. This fresh bedroom has wall paintings, bedding and curtain fabrics, they focus on material contrast and color coordination. The fantastic bird's feather chandelier provides soft brightness throughout the bedroom, so there is no bedside cabinet or any sundries here.

Written by Sarah Ling