MAD architects reveals plans for faraday future's sci-fi-inspired california campus

Article from "designboom"

MAD architects has revealed plans to build a sci-fi-inspired campus in northern california for faraday future (FF) — the US auto company that recently announced its production of ‘the world’s fastest-accelerating electric car’. located on a former navy base on mare island, the architects say that the campus will not only support FF’s research, development, and manufacturing processes, but will also support public programming as well as the area’s ecological restoration.

  all images courtesy of MAD architects

dubbed the ‘FF zeus campus’, the site covers a total area of approximately 130,000 square meters (1,400,000 sqf), with 20,000 square meters (215,000 sqf) of built infrastructure. MAD’s proposed scheme comprises two low, metallic buildings, which have been embedded into the site’s prairie landscape. these structures evoke imagery of extraterrestrial objects, a gesture designed to challenge the status quo of today’s automotive market. 

 the user experience center rises to form a sculptural and reflective tower

the centerpiece of the project is a user experience center, which rises to form a sculptural and reflective tower. from here, faraday future clients can watch their car be transported from the warehouse, along the elevated light rail, and into the exhibition hall to meet them. this part of the campus remains open to the public, with visitors also able to observe the remainder of the site.

  the design seeks to challenge the status quo of today’s automotive market 

the double-height facility is punctured with a series of internal courtyards that provide natural light and spaces to socialize. the scheme utilizes large roof overhangs, internal courtyards, and operable glass façade systems, each designed to passively reduce solar gain and allow for natural ventilation. roofs are clad with modulated solar power panels, with enough production capacity to support the entire campus’ daily operational demands. the experience tower is equipped with wind power generators that provide additional energy.

  part of the campus will remain open to the public

  the scheme utilizes large roof overhangs and operable glass façade systems

  internal courtyards are found throughout the design

  the scheme places an emphasis on open-plan working environments

 roofs are entirely clad with modulated solar power panels

 floor plan / level 0

 floor plan / level +1

project info:

name: FF zeus campus
location: mare island, california, USA
typology: high-tech industrial park, office
site area: 130,000 sqm
building area: 20,903 sqm
directors: ma yansong, dang qun, yosuke hayano
design team: zeng hao, jacob hu, zhang tingfu, li yuanhao, yan ran, he xiaokang, kin li, li guangchong, brecht van acker, yukan yanagawa, wang yiming