This Amazing "Indoor Tree House" Is Every Kid's Dream Come True

Every kid dreams of having a tree house in her backyard, but it just might be even cooler to build one inside your home.

Lifestyle blogger Jessica Ries did just that after she was inspired by a giant "oak tree" inside a toy store in St. Paul, Minnesota. Years after she first saw it, the store went out of business—and Jessica seized the opportunity to claim the tree as her own.

She and her husband managed to transport the 20-foot structure from the inside of the store to their own home. It's made of a variety of materials, but the "bark" is burlap that was skillfully painted by an artist—and it looks incredibly realistic.

Jessica told that it took her, her husband, and their "very talented" friends about a month to rebuild the tree house in their own house. It's complete with shiplap walls, tempered glass, and a wool rug. There's even a small plexiglass window that gives a fun aerial view form the top of the structure.

And did we mention the slide? Seriously—every kid's dream come true.

Jessica's young son certainly seems to enjoy it!

Something this cool deserves to be on display—so it is located in the main room of their open concept log home, surrounded by the kitchen and living spaces.

It makes the perfect addition to a country house—and looks so much fun!