The Marset Scantling Wall Lamp, designed by Mathias Hahn. WL177

London-based Product Designer, Mathias Hahn (born in Germany) started up his studio in 2006 and is one of the founding members of OKAYstudio. After graduating as Industrial Designer in Germany he moved on to the Royal College of Art, where he received a MA degree in Design Products under Ron Arad in 2006. From his studio and workshops he is working on diverse projects in the field of industrial and furniture design. His client list includes companies like Ligne Roset, Marset, Kohler, Magazin, Kvadrat, Another Country, Vertigo Bird, SZ-Magazin and others.His work has been exhibited in numerous international exhibitions and galleries and was featured in many major design publications and newspapers worldwide.

Scantling is a wall lamp designed by Mathias Hahn for Marset. A combination of basic geometric shapes and the use of wood together with metal give this range of lamps a homely appearance, at the same time as a clearly defined personality. Scantling is a term used to define the size to which a piece of wood or stone is measured and cut, derived from the name of an old unit of measurement.

The apartment is a balance between social and tranquil space. Most of furniture is made of light-colored wood. Bedroom is combined with a small but practical home office.Though the space is small, it looks bigger due to the white color of the walls. Scantling Wall Lamp will illuminate the entire quiet workplace at night, its appearance with the overall tone of space, is a very suitable for small household fresh furniture.