The Moooi Random Light, designed by Bertjan Pot. LD006

Bertjan Pot was born in 1975 in the Netherlands. He focuses in the material and production processes. He likes to use computer aesthetics and industrial production methods, but without actually using a computer or sometimes even the industrial production method as a design tool. Almost all of his designs come from experiments in materials. He believes that the way a product feels is just as important as the way it looks. In many of his products such as the Carbon Chair, the Random Light, the Random Chair and the Knitted lamp, all for Moooi, the skin or material of the product becomes the actual product.

Hugely dramatic, light as a feather and distinctly Dutch, the Random Light (2002) by Bertjan Pot began as a modernist craft project of sorts. After making attempts at knitting fiberglass as a means of creating structure, Pot turned to coiling epoxy-dipped fiberglass around a large balloon in varying patterns. Once the balloon was popped, the dramatic globe shape remained, becoming a buoyant pendant lamp for an entryway, dining room or lounge area. The light bulb is visible at the center of the globe, creating an all-over glow with minimal glare when lit.

There is something innately hypnotic about the Random Light and its giant globular form. Reminiscent of a beautiful full moon at its brilliant best, this textured and intricate pendant light was created by Bertjan Pot in 2002. Crafted by wrapping epoxy-dipped fiberglass around a large balloon, the Random Light looks like a carefully woven piece of art with a warm and fuzzy center! The light dramatically changes the look of room and its complex shell creates beautiful shadows on the wall next to it.