An Amazing Mirror Display Makes Beach Sunsets Even More Beautiful

It's probably the most stunning art you've ever seen.
Laguna Beach is already a gorgeous seaside city — or a guilty pleasure TV show, depending on whom you're asking — but the famous California shore became even prettier for one weekend. American artist Phillip K. Smith III temporarily transformed the town's Main Beach for an installation called 1/4 Mile Arc.

The exhibit, commissioned by Laguna Art Museum, features slim mirrored posts arranged in a curve (you guessed it) a quarter-mile-long. The result was stunning reflections and shadows at every angle — and at every time of day.

"The arc forms a visible marker between the man-made and natural worlds, and reflects the changing colors of the ocean, sky and shoreline throughout the day and night," Smith told dezeen.

While the show ended in November, the photo evidence proves it was pretty spectacular. Just see it for yourself:

Stand at just the right angle, and the posts form an almost-continuous reflection of the rising sun.

The early morning also means the beach is perfectly still.

Higher in the sky, the sun reveals the bright blue of the Pacific Ocean in all its glory.

Even the shadows on the sand look beautiful.

And once the day starts to fade, the mirrors work their magic.

Measuring over 10 feet high, the posts hold their own against the landscape.

The effect is Instagram gold.

Seriously, it almost looks fake.

Can we petition to get this permanently installed?

Even in almost-total darkness, the mirrors take on fiery color.

Let us hope that one day, you can go there and watch the magical day of change!