Contemporary Minimalist Cool Style To Help Your Indoor Inspiration

This simple style apartment is based on dark blue and visually presents a cool style, quiet, calm and steady. The main materials in the house are made of natural solid wood. The sofa and furniture color schemes advocate nature. The wood color and warm yellow give people a sense of warmth.

Beige sofas and dark blue walls create a visually strong color contrast effect in this space, which is no longer monotonous.

The wrought iron ceiling light decoration looks warm as if it were afternoon sun.

The strong green atmosphere fills the living room area, and the green plants complement the natural landscape paintings on the walls.

Continuing the design elements of the minimalist style of the living room, there are no other modifications to the master bedroom wall.

The combination of orange and light blue shelves is bright and lively, breaking the original dullness of the space.

Gray-white curtains and simple geometric lighting seem to be the standard match for minimalist style.

Written by Sarah Ling