Family home With A Warm Healing Series

Minimalistic aesthetics can be applied to many different spaces. Its love for simplicity, natural elements and functionality is especially suitable for these rooms. Take a look at their inspiration in this organized and comfortable home and get inspiration for yourself. Do you think this modern interior design is right for your home?

This apartment has calm and soft colours. Minimalist furniture exhibits a natural style, and the design of the straight line expresses a unique sense of space.

Sunlight flows in from the surrounding curtains, and here it blends geometric curves to meet the individual needs of people in a modern and dynamic form.

The living room features a range of furniture, ceilings, floor materials, decorations and even light changes to express the division of different functional spaces.

The color design of space is deeply influenced by the trend of modern painting.

The spacious restaurant also welcomes guests and their energetic young families. Under the soft lighting of the frame wrought iron, the long dining table and dining chair can accommodate some extra diners.

Pursue a timeless artistic theme of universal significance by emphasizing the contrast coordination between the original colors. The choice of decorative painting and fabric also plays a key role in the overall color effect.

The selection of these bedroom furniture, including lamps and displays, should be subject to the design theme of the overall space. Furniture must not be piled up at will, and the concept of simple style is “less but refined”.

The children's room is functional and emphasizes the spatial form and abstraction of the interior in a soft lighting atmosphere.

A black Spun Light T2 lamp will project some light for this extra space.

Written by Sarah Ling