Open a Japanese Style 150 Square Meter Home Trip

The Japanese style has always emphasized the calmness of natural colors and the simplicity of the styling lines. It combines the simple elements of Japanese style, and the lines perfectly show the inspiration and texture of the furniture. The space has become fresh and bright, and its deep Zen is deeply appreciated.

Japanese-style living room. The shape of the sofa is simple and beautiful, the coffee table presents the perfect wooden texture, and the ubiquitous wooden elements here are the freshness of nature, which makes people feel attracted.

The dining table, dining chair and lockers are made of white oak, the interior retains the beauty of the wood, and the light energy of the round ball lights brings warmth.

A study room with a woody smell. It is full of natural atmosphere, a long floor lamp rising from the edge of the desk, which is matched with a simple desk and bookshelf to provide bright light.

Japanese-style furniture has always been considered very similar to IKEA, and the overall design of the furniture has abandoned the cumbersome decoration, which presents a natural original state.

The warm wooden texture makes the sleeping space and the relaxation area feel comfortable without causing a visual sense of oppression.

Written by Sarah Ling