Small Home Designs Under 70 Square Meters

This small apartment space makes reasonable use of its compact layout, but with a simple and unique personality. Many people choose these comfortable apartments to choose a more spacious lifestyle. It goes beyond practicality, even though most of it is minimalism.

The area of the living room is just behind the restaurant. Grey sofas are decorated with pillows of different colors, such as black and blue, which do not cause unnecessary confusion. This talented designer provided two small and bright pendant lights for this small apartment.

Simple lines always make the room look bigger than it actually is. The walls of the living area are all made up of rich lockers, and the combination of wood color and white avoids visual monotony.

Walking through the entrance, we found the kitchen and restaurant hidden here.

There is no straight line in the entrance, and the trapezoid makes the living room area not completely exposed at the moment of opening the door.

Written by Sarah Ling