Metal Texture Home In Beijing

They say that the home is where the soul is. When the owner who pursues the quality of life chooses the decoration style, between the European style and the simple style, the hostess likes the elegance of the European style, while the male owner likes the simple and concise. Finally, after consultation, the final plan is the current minimalist style.

The living room features a beige sofa, a grey single chair and a small white coffee table. Josephine's floor lamp and table lamp stand in front of the dark sofa wall. Different shades match the layering.

Open guest restaurant form: Several chairs surround the dining table to form a closed dining area.

Tom Dixon's metal spherical chandeliers provide bright light in this restaurant.

The good idea of the study room is that the white walls and black tables create a quiet atmosphere and provide a good working atmosphere at home.

The master bedroom space is occupied by a large bed. The light-coloured background wall not only decorates the wall, but also enriches the entire bedroom.

Written by Sarah Ling