Christmas small creative:Turn Your Houseplants Into Festive Christmas Tree Alternatives!

   Embrace the holiday spirit, without picking up pine needles!

    If pines, furs and spruces aren't your thing, adding a festive touch to houseplants can bring a       fresh twist into your home this Christmas.

    Thanks to the addition of a few baubles or fairy lights, cacti and succulents can easily be             transformed into Christmas tree alternatives. Best of all, they come without the dreaded pine     needle drop.

    While the quick and easy option is to hang any leftover decorations on to plant branches,             making your own living succulent tree can create the perfect table centerpiece.

    How's it done? you'll need to make a base to attach the succulents to by covering a wire             cone with damp moss to keep the succulents hydrated. Your chosen plants can then be built       up to form a tree shape before any decorations are added.

    For festive houseplant tree inspiration, here are a few of our favorites: